Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winding down the semester...

I haven't really written anything since my last day of break before the semester started. The course load was much more do-able and less stress inducing. I only have about a month left of this semester. My birthday is next week. I have one year until I graduate with a nursing degree. I'm taking the bulls by the horns this summer and taking three classes so that my course load senior year will be a little more manageable. I am hoping to get some sort of student nurse tech job after fall semester. By then, I will have gone through all the different hospital areas of nursing, and I will finally find somewhere that I would really like to be in nursing. This semester wasn't so bad which was maybe in part due to the awesome spring break I had.

I didn't go anywhere special unless you count Chesterfield as special. I think most would agree with me that it is indeed NOT special. Although that is where I hung out with the ever awesome JW. We watched Daria and had margaritas. Then moved the party of two three (because PC showed up) to my house. Her husband met up with us there. Then my husband, my kids, JW's kids, and SF joined in. While the kids were playing in the bedroom and the ladies were having more margaritas, I heard a tiny kitten mewing. It turned out the foster cat that was pregnant with kittens decided to have her kittens.

When I first opened the door to the room she was in, she looked up at me looking like she was thinking, "What in the name of tarnation is going on here? I just pooped out this thing...and it's making noise...and my belly hurts...AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON!!!!!" So long birthing story short which most people won't want to read every detail of anyway She ended up having six kittens while four nursing students and three children went into the room and oohed and aahed over them. It was an awesome start to spring break. Why I started this post in the first place...

I am relieved that this sudden burst of energy (that happened today) is happening right at crunch time (in the semester), as opposed to right after (which could prove disasterous). I almost have my house tidied up to where I can think straight. I am getting some of the little homework assignments out of the way so that I can focus on the papers (four to be exact), AND I've decided to recycle the paper I do in Psych for Adult Health because one of the things that I learned this year in Adult Health clinicals is that screening for depression is important step in adult health assessment (which brings the final tally for paper writing down to three). Take that second semester of junior year!

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